Unit 7

Jim’s Guide Unit 7:

In this unit we’re turning the discussion over to you.

What you need to do:

  1. Readings:
    1. If you haven’t already, then read your fellow students’ book reviews at The Book Review tab.
  2. Discussion:  For the Unit 7 discussion, please post a thoughtful comment (more than just “good job dude!”) on one or more of your fellow students’ book reviews or their essay. Points are awarded – this is a required assignment.
  3. Take the Unit 7 quiz in Desire2Learn.  Remember, you get two attempts.  This quiz is a bit different. You all created it. I’ve taken 20 of the multiple choice questions you’ve all submitted as part of your book reviews and created a quiz from them. There are 20 points and of course you can take the quiz twice. This is a graded, required assignment.
  4. Finish and post your Essay-Issue Analysis.  For more details on this assignment, read the following pages from the Resources tab:
    1. Issue Analysis-Essay Assignment (includes grading rubric)
    2. Issue Analysis-Essay Research & Data Sources
    3. You post this essay the same way you did the book reviews, except BE SURE TO CHECK THE STUDENT ESSAY category instead of Student Book Review.

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