Unit 4

Jim’s Guide Unit 4: Development, Poverty, and The Third World

This page describes the activities and graded work you need to complete for Unit 4. See the schedule for the due date.

What you need to do:

  1. Readings:
    1. Read this Jim’s Guide Unit 4: Development, Poverty, and The Third World– all pages:
    2. Read Intro, Part IV of the Angus Maddison book (pages 67-80)
  2. Video: View all chapters of Episode 3 New Rules, in the Commanding Heights series.
  3. Video: View 5 short videos listed on the Unit 4 Videos page.
  4. Post a comment to at least one of the Discussion posts labeled Unit 4 Discussion. Points are awarded – this is a required assignment.
  5. Begin Reading your first book for your book review. You will be glad later.
  6. Take the Unit 4 quiz in Desire2Learn.  Remember, you get two attempts.  The last page of this Unit 4 Jim’s Guide lists some study tips and topics for the quiz. This is a graded, required assignment.  Quiz 4 is worth 35 points. Topics and a study guide for the quiz is provided on the last page of this Unit’s Jim’s Guide. You are allowed 2 attempts at quiz 4. Your highest score of the two attempts will count toward your grade. As soon as you open and view the quiz it counts as an “attempt”. Attempts are not timed and you may save your work and continue it later.

Objectives for Unit 4: Development, Poverty, and The Third World

Terms and Concepts

While reading, you are looking to understand the meaning of the following new terms and concepts:

Terms of Economics

  • structural adjustment program
  • Washington consensus
  • poverty
  • IMF
  • World Bank

Key Concepts:

  • Absolute vs. Relative Poverty
  • “bottom billion”
  • Collier’s 4 traps
  • Debt bombs & exchange rate driven crises
  • trade vs aid controversy
  • import substitution
  • Globalization as the growth of mobile capital and multi-national corporations
  • Controversy over structural adjustments
  • Asian Tigers
  • Rosling’s story of progress toward Millenium Development Goals

Events or Crises to Be Familiar With

  • Asian Crisis and Contagian of 1997-98
  • Russian Default
  • Battle of Seattle and Quebec
  • Mexican Crisis
  • Japanese “lost decade” of stagnation

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