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Deep Economy

In the book Deep Economy the author Bill McKibben tries to get us, the reader, to think about happiness and how we as americans go about achieving that. I found the book to very factual, at times a little too much so. The author used facts and statistics and side stories to make his point which were sometimes lost in all the different subject changes. With the one negative side of this book already noted it was a very informational and an easy read. This book relates to our studies by the way it talks about happiness and how people as a whole are becoming less happy but getting richer. The average income per person and household has risen since the fifties but people have not gotten happier since then we’ve begun to get less happy. This book talks about eating only from where you live and naturally grown products. And while doing so the author enlightens us about the evils of corporate agriculture. Did you know there is diameter restriction on your average tomato? It must be between 53 and 63 millimeters. And there are five companies that control 75% of the global seed market.


My book report was done on Collapse by Jared Diamond. The author, Jared Diamond has taken different approaches to all of his work and collapse is no exception. This book had some great view points on many different ideas about economics and politics. The great writing in this book has helped me choose his to do his other book for the other report.

This book talks about ancient civilizations and how recourses and natural effects can change whether a flourishing nation can make or die off. It talks about how Drought effected more nations then you realized, the Maya, Chaco Canyon, and the Norse settlements all suffered from weather related down falls. These civilizations and there downfall do not really relate directly to anyone of our sections although in a way they relate to all of them in one way or another like the mayans were unable to feed there population due to drought and over paying the rich which to me relates to section five and how the banks just make the rich richer.

overall the book was very good and it was an enjoyable read and i feel as though it was a knowledgable read.

The book-Collapse, How Societies Choose To Fall Or Succeed

The Author- Jared Diamond

ISBN  0-670-03337-5

Published by The Penguin Group