Creating a World Without Poverty Book Review

Title of Book – Creating a World Without Poverty

Author – Muhammad Yunus

Publisher – PublicAffairs

Publishing Date – 2007

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What is this book about? – In this novel Yunus focuses primarily on the multiple aspects of human nature, problems with capitalism, society’s point of view concerning the poor, definition of Microfinancing, definition of Social Business, challenges faced while opening the Grameen Bank, success of the Grameen Organizations. He also talks about his trips all around the world and how he hopes to someday lock away the past of poverty in museum, because it wont be existent.

Yunus argues that the traditional capitalism or current market-oriented economy exists for the sole mission of profit maximisation. While it cannot solve human misery, it may actually increase poverty, diseases, pollution and inequality. Therefore, he outlines his vision for a new business model-a social business model-which he believes will be an avenue to poverty alleviation. Yunus estimates that in the future these businesses will increase because human beings, he believes, are more than money making machines. They have many other drives and passions in life.

MY opinion? – honestly, the words in this book make complete sense. It is really hard for me to explain but I fully stand behind Yunus and his ideas.

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