Hoodwinked Book Review

In Hoodwinked, Perkins lets us in on his life as an Economic Hit man.  The book consists of two parts. In part one; he speaks about the problems in our Economy. He tells us about the views of Keyes and Friedman. He also talks about how some big companies and big wigs are controlling the third world countries. Also some of the rich people in the U.S. are doing the same. But most of us are being “Hoodwinked” and can’t see these things happening. This is what he calls: “Corporatocracy”, which means when the economy and politics are controlled by corporations.


In the second half, he throws out some solutions on fixing the economy. He speaks about fixing the broken system we have to save the world. He believes we could learn a lot from China. The way their economy took off was crazy. He also poses the point of taking care of out planet, and being greener.

Perkins speaks about Capitalism. We went over that a few sections ago.

I had no idea these huge companies were taking advantage of pretty much the whole world. It is very selfish that they do not care who they are hurting.


John Perkins

ISBN 9780307589941

April 14, 2014

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  1. Gregory Jones

    These days it seems that all companies think about is money. How they can get more of it and forget about helping anybody in need. The corporate greediness needs to stop. I think there should be a cap of some kind for companies who make excessive amounts of money. Maybe after making a certain set amount, the rest would automatically go to charity or something.

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